Africa 2020

To the ends of the Earth.

In October of 2020 Full Life Family Church is taking a team of people to Africa to support our local missionaries there. Our plan is to take supplies to our missionaries and to encourage them and support them in any way possible. We are also planning to build a swing set for the children so they have a safe place to play. Please pray and ask God how you can help make this mission a success. We need 3 kinds of help.

  1. We need people to go. Ask God if He would have you go with our team.
  2. We need people to fund. Trips like this can be quite expensive we need all hands on deck to raise the support needed to send our team.
  3. We need people to pray.

Pray for the team who goes

Pray for funds to be raised

Pray for the plans to come together

Pray for safety of all involved all the way there and home again

There will be an informational meeting about this trip on Sunday December 15th right after church in the Iron Room.

If you would like to be considered to be on the team to go to Africa, please fill out the application below.