Opportunities to Serve

Ministry Opportunities


Join a Team "Behind the Scenes"

Admin: we have fun in our office during the week getting things ready for different ministries and Sunday services!

Hospitality: loving to serve people, preparing food, making coffee and hanging out in the kitchen!

Photography: getting great shots of our church family during the moment is the best!

Security: keeping our church family safe is extremely important to us!

Tech Areas:

  • Stage Manager: help keep our stage organized and assist the worship team with gear/sound - this person makes the service just that much better!
  • Projection: who doesn't like worship, better yet, who likes to know the words to a song? This person gets to make sure everyone can sing along during service!
  • Live Stream Control: isn't it nice when we are sick to still see the service live? Well, this person makes that possible!
  • Sound Engineer: when the sound is good, you never notice, but when it is bad...it is all we talk about. Be part of us never talking about it!

Join a Team "In the Scenes"

Coffee Bar: who doesn't LOVE coffee? Make everyone feel that much more love with caffeine before service!

Guest Host: meeting new people is the best and making them feel welcome is even better!

Info Center: it is so nice when someone knows that answer...help them get it!

Parking Lot: well words can not describe this extremally FUN job, just check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3MGUunm4Mk!

Usher/Greeter: it is so wonderful to be greeted at the doors each service with a nice smile and a handshake!

Join a Team "Leading the Scenes"

Kid's Ministry: who doesn't love kids?! Raising up the next generation is a high priority and A LOT of fun!

Youth Ministry: teenagers...what can we say? We love them and what to influence them for the Lord!

Music Ministry: play an instrument? Sing? Leading others into worship is an incredible privilege!