Fall Classes

Classes are now closed. More to come in the future.

Fall Classes

This fall we will be offering two options on Sunday evenings. Classes will begin Sept 16 at 6pm and run for 10 weeks.

Food: we will provide pizza

Childcare: for ages up to 6 for $5 per child per night (registration required)

Details on classes below

Motivational Gifts

Teachers: Wayne & Joanne Wright

The study of the seven gifts listed in Romans 12. These are gifts that God built into us and they shape our personalities. Each person owns one of these gifts and it colors all you see and do. 

Why should we study these gifts? So we can understand ourselves and others, so we can find our place in the Body of Christ, so we can be filled with joy because we are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives as we operate as the person God created us to be. 

Your gift affects how you act, how you think, what you like to do and your relationships with other people. If you are married, knowing each other’s gifts will help you understand your spouse’s strengths and differences. Knowing these gifts will help you understand, encourage and raise your children in the direction of God’s plan for them. 

Everyone has a gift! No one has been left out. Each gift is of equal value. 

Financial Peace University

Coordinator: Tad Gill

What if you were following a plan for your money that you KNEW worked? With Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money, get out of debt, and create a plan for your future. What if you could be debt-free with an emergency fund of 3–6 months of expenses saved, all while investing for retirement and planning for your family’s future? Sound impossible? It’s not! Signup now for a life changing experience. Your Financial Peace Member Kit is only $110. This will include all your materials for class and beyond.